Top 50 Summaries

  1. Physician anaesthetists versus nurse anaesthetists for surgical patients New
  2. Statins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease
  3. Exercise for depression
  4. Exercise for people with increased cardiovascular risk New
  5. Vaccines to prevent influenza in healthy adults
  6. Continuous support for women during childbirth
  7. Vitamin C for preventing and treating the common cold
  8. Screening for breast cancer with mammography
  9. Drugs for treating people with sleepiness during shift work and sleep problems after shift work New
  10. Colchicine for treating acute gout attacks Updated
  11. Cranberries for preventing urinary tract infections
  12. Clot-dissolving drugs for treating ischaemic stroke in the early stages Updated
  13. Echinacea for preventing and treating the common cold
  14. Interventions for preventing falls in older people living in the community
  15. Interventions for preventing oral candidiasis for patients with cancer receiving treatment
  16. Powered/electric toothbrushes compared to manual toothbrushes for maintaining oral health
  17. Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors versus angiotensin receptor blockers for primary hypertension
  18. Intrapartum antibiotics for known maternal Group B streptococcal colonization
  19. Are oral antibiotics as effective as a combination of injected and oral antibiotics for kidney infections in children? Updated
  20. The effect of financial incentives on the quality of health care provided by primary care physicians
  21. Interventions to increase influenza (flu) vaccination uptake for people aged 60 and older Updated
  22. Interventions for preventing obesity in children
  23. Routine vaginal examinations in labour
  24. Can nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) help people quit smoking?
  25. Benefits of antihypertensive drugs for mild hypertension are unclear
  26. Interventions for preventing falls in older people in care facilities and hospitals
  27. Planned caesarean section for term breech delivery
  28. Speech and language therapy interventions for children with primary speech and language delay or disorder
  29. Psychological therapies for borderline personality disorder
  30. Extra gloves or special types of gloves for preventing sharps injuries in healthcare workers
  31. Acupuncture and dry-needling for low back pain
  32. Effect of timing of umbilical cord clamping of term infants on mother and baby outcomes
  33. Antioxidant supplements for prevention of mortality in healthy participants and patients with various diseases
  34. Comparing continuous electronic fetal monitoring in labour (cardiotocography, CTG) with intermittent listening (intermittent auscultation, IA)
  35. Surgical techniques for the removal of mandibular wisdom teeth New
  36. Zinc for the common cold
  37. Some physiotherapy interventions are effective for shoulder pain in some cases.
  38. Glucosamine for osteoarthritis
  39. Decision aids to help people who are facing health treatment or screening decisions
  40. Membrane sweeping for induction of labour
  41. Music therapy for depression
  42. Planned early birth versus expectant management (waiting) for prelabour rupture of membranes at term (37 weeks or more)
  43. Position in the second stage of labour for women without epidural anaesthesia
  44. Interferon for the treatment of melanoma patients after surgical removal of their tumour
  45. Eating and drinking in labour
  46. Antifibrinolytic therapy to reduce haemoptysis
  47. Beta-blockers for hypertension
  48. Do inhaled corticosteroids reduce growth in children with persistent asthma?
  49. Duration of antibacterial treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women
  50. Episiotomy for vaginal birth