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Adhesives for bonded molar tubes during fixed brace treatment

Millett DT, Mandall NA, Mattick RCR, Hickman J, Glenny A-M
Published Online: 
15 June 2011

Orthodontic treatment involves using fixed or removable dental braces to correct the positions of teeth. The success of dental braces depends partly on the metal attachments (brackets and bands) being glued to the teeth so that they do not become detached during treatment. Brackets (metal squares) are usually attached to teeth other than molars, where bands (metal rings that go round each tooth) are more commonly used. Orthodontic tubes (stainless steel tubes that allow wires to pass through them), are typically welded to bands but they may also be glued directly (bonded) to molars. Failure of brackets, bands and bonded molar tubes slows down the progress of treatment with a dental brace. Two well designed trials have been included in this review. From the limited data it would appear that bonded molar tubes are associated with a higher failure rate than with molar bands.