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Azapirones for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

Chessick CA, Allen MH, Thase ME., Batista Miralha da Cunha AABC, Kapczinski FFK, Silva de Lima M, dos Santos Souza JJSS
Published Online: 
21 January 2009

Generalized anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders and can be costly if unrecognized or left untreated. Azapirones are a group of drugs that work at the 5-HT1A receptor and are used to treat patients suffering from GAD. This systematic review evaluates the effectiveness of azapirones compared to other treatments. From the results of 36 randomized controlled trials, azapirones appear to be superior to placebo in short-term studies (four to nine weeks) but may not be superior to benzodiazepines. We were unable to conclude if azapirones were superior to antidepressants, psychotherapy or kava kava. As GAD is generally chronic in nature, conclusions about azapirones' long-term efficacy are not able to be made and longer term trials are needed.