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Vaccines against overwhelming blood infection due to pneumococcus bacteria and lung infection (pneumonia) among children less than two years of age

Lucero MG, Dulalia VE, Nillos LT, Williams G, Parreño RAN, Nohynek H, Riley ID, Makela H
Published Online: 
7 October 2009

Pneumococcus is one of the major causes of overwhelming blood infection and lung infection (pneumonia) among young children. Pneumococci resistant to antibiotics are now being found in great numbers worldwide which may reduce the effectiveness of recommended antibiotic treatment. Preventive measures like vaccination are needed. This review found two trials from the US, two from Africa, one from the Philippines, and another from Finland that involved 113,044 children less than two years of age. In these studies, PCV was able to prevent overwhelming pneumococcal blood infection and pneumonia.