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Nutritional interventions for reducing morbidity and mortality in people with HIV

Grobler L, Siegfried N, Visser ME, Mahlungulu SSN, Volmink J
Published Online: 
28 March 2013

Achieving and maintaining optimal nutrition is considered an important adjunct in the clinical care of patients infected with HIV, as good nutrition can improve an individual's immune function, limit disease-specific complications, and improve quality of life and survival. We sought to determine whether macronutrient interventions, either given to provide protein and/or energy or test the effect of specific macronutrients (i.e. ch as amino acids, whey protein concentrate or Spirulina), given orally, influence morbidity and mortality in adults and children living with HIV infection. Our review, based on fourteen small trials, evaluating different macronutrient supplements, found limited evidence that balanced macronutrient formulas increase protein and energy intake. However, we found no evidence that such supplementation translates into reductions in disease progression or HIV-related complications, such as opportunistic infections or death.