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Pulp management for caries in adults: maintaining pulp vitality

Miyashita H, Worthington HV, Qualtrough A, Plasschaert A
Published Online: 
18 April 2012

The management of the pulp in extensively decayed, vital and asymptomatic teeth presents something of a clinical problem and there is no agreement as to the most effective treatment modality. For example, there is no consensus as to whether the tooth should be indirectly pulp capped or directly pulp capped; whether a two-stage procedure should be carried out, nor as to which material is most effective. Recently, a variety of newer bonding materials have been introduced but the outcome regarding their use when included in the restoration of a carious tooth with respect to symptoms and maintenance of vitality is unknown.
This review set out to address the above by examining appropriate randomised clinical trials. However, it was disappointing to find that there were very few studies which could be included in this review (four). The findings did not indicate that there should be any significant change from accepted conventional procedures when management of the pulp is considered.