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Barrier agents may be effective in reducing the formation of pelvic adhesions but there is no evidence on their direct effects including pregnancy rates

Ahmad G, Duffy JMN, Farquhar C, Vail A, Vanderkerchove P, Watson A, Wiseman D
Published Online: 
10 November 2010

Sometimes following surgery, adhesions can develop (where two normally separate surfaces join). Pelvic adhesions are most likely to form in association with swelling, endometriosis or surgical trauma. Various materials have been used as 'mechanical' barriers to prevent these adhesions forming. The review of trials assessed the effect of these barriers on pregnancy rates, pelvic pain and adhesion formation after pelvic surgery. The review found the absorbable barrier Interceed reduces adhesion formation. Gore-Tex is more effective than Interceed but is not absorbable and therefore requires further operation to be removed. There was no evidence of the effectiveness of Seprafilm or Fibrin sheet. More research is needed.